About Us

PomsToYou.com launched in January of 2010 with the intention of providing high quality Pomegranate fruit to our customers. Our Pomegranates are grown on Oasis Valley Orchard, a orchard in a lush region of Nevada where our trees benefit from optimal growing conditions. We never use chemical or harsh fertilizers or pesticides, instead we work with the tools mother nature has given us which we believe produces the best tastinghealthiest Pomegranate fruit imaginable.

picture of pomegranate tree

One of our pomegranate trees

Grocery store varieties of Pomegranates often come from unknown origins, usually shipped in from overseas. By the time they arrive in the produce isle at your local grocer, they’re usually showing signs of their age and neglectant travel. Our goal is to ship out only the best fruit, we do this by hand selecting and inspecting every fruit order before making a shipment. You wouldn’t buy a bad Pomegranate in a grocery store, why should we expect you to accept anything less than great from us? We truly believe that our Pomegranates are the best, and we believe you will too. 

Blossom unfolding

Blossom unfolding

Our company employs three full-time workers, who do everything from care-taking of the orchard, irrigation, harvesting, planting new trees, web design, customer service, and shipping. We truly do it all. So when purchasing from PomsToYou.com, not only are you helping yourself by eating healthy, nutrient and antioxidant packed Pomegranates, but you’re also helping out hard working local farmers.